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Resource theory of imaginarity

  • Vedoucí práce / Supervisor: Muthuganesan Rajendran, Ph.D.
  • Pracoviště / Workplace: Katedra fyziky
  • Kontakt / Contact: rajenmut@fjfi.cvut.cz

Quantifying the quantum resources is a formidable task in the framework of quantum information theory. In view of this, different quantum resources have been identified such as entanglement, quantum discord, measurement-induced nonlocality, imaginarity etc. Among them, the imaginarity is a primary concept in quantum mechanics and its  resource theory is also established very recently.  In the resource theory of imaginarity, the free states are called real states, and their density matrices are real under a set of fixed reference bases. The free operations are called real operations.

The present study motivate to identify new measure of imaginarity.


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