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Konstrukce a sestavení detektorů FDD a MFT v experimentu ALICE

  • Vedoucí práce / Supervisor: prof. Guillermo Contreras
  • Pracoviště / Workplace: KF FJFI
  • Kontakt / Contact: jgcn@mail.cern.ch
Název anglicky / Title English: Construction and commissioning of the FDD and MFT detectors in ALICE
Osnova / Outline: 

The ALICE detector is undergoing an upgrade that will allow for data taking capabilities at least a factor 10 larger than in the past. Two of the new detectors to be installed and commissioned in ALICE during 2021 are the FDD and the MFT. The first is based on plastic scintillators, wave-length shifters and photomultiplier tubes, the second on innovating silicon-pixel-sensor technology. Our group is leading the effort to build the FDD and has a strong participation in the MFT. The student will get familiar with the technology involved in these detectors and will participate in their construction, testing, installation and commissioning. These detectors will play a key role in the next generation of measurements designed to study the dynamics of the innermost structure of nuclear matter, that is expected to enter a new regime called saturation. The intimate knowledge of the detectors will leave the student in an excellent position to later on analyze the data to be taken by ALICE to gain new insights the behavior of the high-energy limit of QCD. The student will be a member of a strong local group comprising students at all levels (bachelor, diploma, doctorate) as well as profiting from the help and advice of all the more senior members of the team. 

Literatura / reference: 
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