Ján Nemčík

Ján Nemčík
doc. RNDr. Ján Nemčík, CSc.
220, Břehová 7, Praha
* hadronization in nuclear medium
* propagation of partons in nuclear matter
* coherence effects - nuclear shadowing in DIS, Cronin effect in hadron-nucleus interactions, nuclear broadening in inclusive hadron production in DIS off nuclei
* nuclear suppression in heavy-ion collisions at large Feynman x, leading twist gluon shadowing contribution to nuclear suppression
* production of heavy flavored hadrons in pp, pA interactions and heavy-ion collisions, production of heavy quarks and mesons in heavy-ion collisions, electroproduction of vector mesons off nuclear targets
02AKCH - Aplikovana kvantova chromodynamika pri vysokych energiich
Teorie a fenomenologie fyziky částic