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Day as a Female Scientist celebrated a huge success!


By the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly from 2015, Fabruary 11th is recognized as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The goal is to celebrate the essential role of women in the world of science and support their access to the education in science, as well as participation in scientific activites.

The Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering together with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering celebrated this day by organizing an event Day as a Female Scientist, for the sixth year in a row. The event offers high school students to explore the day-to-day work of a scientist. The number of applicants was so high that the registration was closed a day earlier. The participants, whose number was approximately twice as high as in previous years, experienced lectures, hands-on sessions, panel discussion and a festive dinner to end the day with.

Marek Matas received Josef Hlavka Award

awardThis prize is awarded to young researchers that have shown exceptional abilities and creativity in their field of science.

Marek has received the prize for his contribution to high-energy Quantum Chromodynamics. He was able to compute the gluonic structure of the proton with respect to its transverse coordinate with the help of the non-linear evolution equations and obtain thus a "3D scan of the proton". He then confirmed his predictions with various measurements from accelerator experiments and released his predictions for public use by the low-x physics community.