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Success of Karolína Syrokvaš at Czecho-Slovakian Student Science Conference in Physics

Karolina Syrokvas a Aleksaj Gaj LargeA student of the Nuclear and Particle Physics, Bc. Karolína Syrokvaš, won a first price in a Nuclear and sub-nuclear physics cathegory at the Czecho-Slovakian Student Science Conference in Physics. This year, the conference was held at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the Comenius University Bratislava. Karolína successfully presented her work "Systematic uncertainty of mass composition of cosmic rays interpreted from measurements of depth of shower maximum using different Monte Carlo generators" in the finals between 26. - 27. May 2022. 

The dean of the Faculty, doc. Ing. Václav Čuba, Ph.D., personally congratulated Karolína together with other successful students. 

Students of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering are taking part of this conference traditionally. Since 2014, they placed on the winners' podium every year and four times got a first price.