(2022) The edge plasma characterization of the scrape-off layer properties @ the tokamak GOLEM with a high temporal resolution using a fast swept ball-pen probe

  • Vedoucí práce / Supervisor: Vojtěch Svoboda
  • Pracoviště / Workplace: GOLEM tokamak
  • Kontakt / Contact: Vojtech.Svoboda@fjfi.cvut.cz


The tokamak GOLEM is equipped with a rich set of advanced electrostatic and magnetic probes to study edge plasma physics. The aim of the proposed topic is to characterize a global statistical properties of its edge plasma parameters with unprecedented temporal resolution (~10 us) of ion and electron temperature measurements using a fast swept ball-pen probe. The focus on the comparison of the the various plasma regimes w±o improved plasma confinement regimes using biasing electrode will be the main topic of the work.



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[2] D. Cipciar et al 2022 Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 64 055021

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