Scope of questions for State exams of Master's degree program

Branch: Nuclear and Particle Physics

Subject: Accelerators

Subjects regarding the questions:

  •  02UC12 Accelerators 1 and 2
1. Electrostatic accelerators
electron/ion accelerators – positive/negative ions; tandem accelerators; high voltage generators – van de Graaf, Marx, Cockroft-Walton; electron microscopes
2. Radiofrequency accelerators
electron/ion accelerators; linear/circular; waveguides – stationary wave/travelling wave
3. Radiation sources
synchrotrons; lasers on free electrons; transition radiation; Smith-Purcell radiation; coherent/incoherent
4. Laser accelerators
laser systems; inverse FEL; dielectric accelerators; direct laser acceleration; plasma wave acceleration; ion accelerators; plasmatic particle optics
5. Sources of particles
electron gun – thermic emission; tunnel emission; photocathodes; ion sources
6. Particle optics
electrostatic lenses; magnetic lenses; matrix interpretation; FODO lattice/beam transport; aberration; chromaticity; spatial charge
7. Beam characteristics
charge measurement; energy measurement; beam profile; beam placement; beam loss monitor
8. Polarized beams
generating; polarization – Siberian snakes; beam characteristics
9. Beam cooling
electronic; stochastic; laser
10. Application of accelerators
proton/ion therapy; semiconductor manufacturing; bonding, radionuclides production; radionuclide transmutation