Langtonův kvantový mravenec

Název anglicky / Title English: Langton's Quantum Ant
Osnova / Outline:

Langton's Ant is a particular cellular automaton involing a walker (called an ant in the original proposal) on a square lattice, making a mark at every step. The deterministic rule which is used to advance the walker at each step can result in both ballistic propagation and random-walk like features. The quantum walk is a generalizations of the random walk. The employed dynamics is deterministic, and yields a ballistic spreading of the quantum walker. The random walk is recovered as the result of some decoherence effect, e.g. external noise. The goal of the project is to review the quantum mechanical generalization of the Langton's Ant problem based on the notion of quantum walks and an additional memory, then next relate it to other quantum walks with memories, and numerically study certain particular case.

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Literatura / reference:

A. Gajardo, A. Moreira, E. Goles: Complexity of Langton's ant. Discr. Appl. Math. 117, 41–50 (2002) J. Kempe: Quantum random walks - an introductory overview, Contemp. Phys. 44, 307 (2003) A. Gábris, B. Kollár, J. Novotý, I. Jex, A. Delgado, unpublished D. Li, M. Mc Gettrick, F. Gao, J. Xu, Q.-Y. Wen: Generic Quantum Walks with Memory. arXiv:1508.07674

Jméno vedoucího / Supervisor name: Aurél Gábris, PhD / prof. Ing. Igor Jex, DrSc
Pracoviště vedoucího / Supervisor office: Břehová 13b
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