Advanced analysis of experimental data in nuclear and particle physics

Grant no.:NF-CZ07-MOP-4-256-2015
Grant type:eea grants ( & norway grants (
Programme:CZ07 - Scholarship Programme and Bilateral Scholarship Programme
Applicant:Czech Technical University in Prague (
Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physics Engineering
Partner:University of Bergen (
Department of Physics and Technology


The initial phase will serve two purposes. For the CTU participants it will be an initial introduction into the advanced data analysis methods and problems in particle and nuclear physics. The activity will start with public seminar where main objective and details of the project will be discussed. Then short introductory lectures will be given, however the main project will be centered around practical hands-on experience. The practical part of the education process is crucial and all phases of the project are centered around teaching through immediate application of the learned skills. The participants will be solving exemplary problems in statistics and data mining. These problems will be prepared by the UiB partners and as part of the training material. In these exercises the participants will a have a chance to apply their current skills. The tasks brought forward will be specifically selected to correspond with tasks and problems which are commonly encountered during physics data analyzes in particle and nuclear physics. They will demonstrate the usual challenges of such analyzes and show shortcomings of the less advanced methods hence serving as a example and motivation for application of the most modern approaches and technologies. The new methods will be in the end demonstrated and discussed as well. For the trainers this part will serve to assess the level of the knowledge of the participant in order to improve the course materials. It will help target the specific skill that need the most attention in the next phase. It will help in finding the topics most attractive and useful for the participating scientists. We plan that, among others, the topics such as large-volume data analysis, parallelism and distributed computing, tools for multivariate statistical analysis, fitting and Bayesian statistical methods, and neural networks will be discussed. The face-to-face training will last 2 weeks in period indicated by starting and end date.

The main part of the project will happen at the UiB. It will be also two weeks training. The group of young researchers from CTU Prague will be trained in advanced data analysis and knowledge and experiences in these skills will be transferred. Similar to the first phase the main activity will be practical. However since the participants have already been introduced into the problems there will be expert-level lectures about the individual topics. The participants will then have an opportunity to practically test the methods and skills learned on prepared examples. The topics and the details of lectures will be based on the experience and feedback from the first phase. This will allow to better tailor the lectures to the needs of participants. The practical part is again indispensable as it allows the participants to apply their skills with immediate feed-back from the lecturers. It is also beneficial for the trainers as it will allow them to identify the topics which may not have been understood. This will ensure the quality of the knowledge transfer and lead to the improvement the training materials. In the the finial step a final training material will be prepared taking in to the account the follow-up from the participants. The training material will be documented and prepared for further activities even beyond this project. Activity will end with open public seminar about the project.


Participants of the main part (from bottom left): Petr Chaloupka, Jaroslav Bielcik, Dieter Rohrich, Boris Wagner, Ladislav Kocbach, (middle): Michal Krelina, Nikoleta Vujisicova, Lena Schreiben, Lukas Kramarik, (top): Jindrich Lydrich, Michal Broz


1) Prague Training 1 (prof. Kocbach)

On 8th August introductory seminar of the project took place. Participants were informed about the main goals of the project. In the first training we prepared series of introductory ROOT excercises and discussed our needs in data handling for the training. Prof. Kocbach gave several lectures on ROOT and data presentation.

2) Bergen Training (prof. Kocbach, prof. Rohrich)

In period 28th August till 9th September seven academic employes from FNSPE Czech Technical University in Prague visited University of Bergen for training data analysis. Detailed discussion about ROOT and Linux took place. Participants prepared training materials and performed exercises in data analysis. The main principles of data acquisition and Linux programming were introduced by prof. Dieter Rohrich, prof. Ladislav Kocbach and Dr. Boris Wagner.

3) Prague Training 2 (Dr. Wagner )

From 22nd September short training on Linux programming with BeagleBoard given by dr. Wagner form University of Bergen took place. The summary information about the goals that were reached during the whole project were presented. Future collaboration between Czech Technical University in Prague and University of Bergen was discussed.


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