Assistant Professor

Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering

Czech Technical University in Prague


Department of Physics,

Brehova 7, Praha 1, 115 19

Czech Republic

Email: jaroslav.bielcik at fjfi.cvut.cz

Phone: 420-22-435-8350

Fax: 420-22-232-0861




2004 Technical University in Darmstadt, Germany

Doctor of Philosophy, Nuclear Physics

Dilepton signal from heavy ion collisions measured by HADES spectrometer

Advisor:prof. Peter Braun-Munzinger


1997 University of Bergen, Norway

Master of Science, Theoretical Physics

Atoms in the intense laser field


1997 Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Master of Science, Nuclear and Particle Physics

The study of 99Ru nucleus by the methods of in-beam spectroscopy





2004-2007 Department of Physics, Yale University, USA

Postdoctoral Research Associate


1998-2004 Gesselschaft fuer Schwerionen Forschung, Darmstadt, Germany

Guest Research Scientist





I am a member of STAR collaboration at RHIC in BNL and ALICE collaboration at LHC in CERN. Both experiments are dedicated to the search for quark-gluon plasma formation and investigation of the behavior of strongly interacting matter at high energy density. In particular I am interested in study of heavy flavor production and interactions of heavy quarks with nuclear matter.





2013 STAR team at CTU Prague consists of JB, Petr Chaloupka,Olga Hajkova (Ph.D. student), Ota Kukral (M.Sc. student), Jana Crkovska (M.Sc. student), Kamila Sramkova (B.Sc. student), Katka Gajdosova (B.Sc. student). Other teams members are David Tlusty (Ph.D. student) from NPI Prague working in STAR and Michal Vajzer (Ph.D. students) from NPI Prague working in ALICE experiment.