Photonic Boson Sampling

Název anglicky / Title English: Photonic Boson Sampling
Osnova / Outline:

Boson sampling [1] has emerged as an intermediate problem to demonstrate the power of quantum computation without the need for a fully operational quantum computer. There have been various schemes to experimentally realise boson sampling use photonic systems, e.g. [2]. We recently had our own contribution to the literature, [3], which promises significant experimental advantages and is interesting in its own right.

Suitable skills would be quantum physics, linear algebra, combinatorics, computer skills e.g. MATLAB, 

The topic is one of the promising research directions being considered in the our research group lead by Prof. Igor Jex. There will be possibility for the joining student to subsequently continue with an MSc project.

Literatura / reference:

[1] S. Aaronson and A. Arkhipov, The Computational Complexity of Linear Optics,
[2] A. P. Lund, Boson Sampling from Gaussian States,
[3] C. S. Hamilton et. al, Gaussian Boson Sampling,

Jméno vedoucího / Supervisor name: Craig Hamilton
Pracoviště vedoucího / Supervisor office: KF FJFI, 13b
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Datum zadání / Date of creation: 2017
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