Zkoumání fluktuací ve struktuře protonu s pomocí hot spots modelu

  • Vedoucí práce / Supervisor: prof. Guillermo Contreras
  • Pracoviště / Workplace: KF FJFI
  • Kontakt / Contact: jgcn@cern.ch
Název anglicky / Title English: Exploring fluctuations in the structure of the proton with a hot-spot model
Osnova / Outline: 

The internal structure of the proton is made of quarks and gluons. As they are relativistic-quantum objects, the structure of the proton seen in a collision is different in each interaction. Recently, we have proposed a new QCD-inspired model with a fluctuating structure of the proton in the impact-parameter plane [1]. This model has been successful in describing data from HERA and LHC on J/Psi photoproduction. The goal of this work is (1) to explore variations of this model and (2) apply the model to other processes and kinematic ranges.

Some of the possible variations of the model are: to use a Poisson distribution for the number of hot spots at a given energy, to change the size of the proton (or hot spots) with energy or to use different models for the dipole-target cross section. Other processes that can be explored are the production of other vector mesons like psi(2s) or the upsilon family. Other kinematic ranges include virtual photons, and applications to future projects like EIC or LeHC.
Only some of these possibilities, as time allows, will be explored.

Plán práce:
Říjen/Listopad: General introduction to the QCD structure of the proton [2,3]
Listopad/Prosinec: Introduction to the model and reproduction of results in [1]
Prosinec/Leden: Sepsání první části práce a příprava prezentace pro Zimní workshop. 
Únor/Duben: Modification of the model and application to different scenarios.
Duben/Květen: Writing up the thesis.

Literatura / reference: 

[1] Cepila, J. and Contreras, J. G. and Tapia Takaki, J. D. , Energy dependence of dissociative $\mathrm{J/}\psi$  photoproduction as a signature of gluon saturation at the LHC, Phys.Lett. B766 (2017) 186-191
[2] Coughlam, G. G. and Dodd, J. E. and Gripaios, B. M., The Ideas of Particle Physics: An Introduction for Scientists, Cambridge University Press; 3 edition (August 7, 2006)
[3] Cheuk-Yin Wong, Introduction to High-energy Heavy-ion Collisions, World Scientific, 1994